Excavation Corridor Access Requests

For all invasive works on the Corridor

If you are:

Digging, drilling, or resurfacing

Doing any activity that will alter, or cause to be altered, the surface of the road corridor

Building a new driveway or installing a new stormwater drain that leads into the road corridor

Performing maintenance work on any essential infrastructure

Building a new fence and your work site or equipment encroaches onto the road corridor

Repairing or building manhole access covers

Online CorridorAccess & Permits

For all invasive works within the Road Corridor

Road-Controlling Authorities (& Municipalities) require any person intending to dig in the road corridor to apply for, and have approved prior to the commencement of works, a CorridorAccess Request (CAR) Permit.

You may find your State has a Code of Practice; this Code will typically require any person and / or organisation, wishing to excavate in the Road Corridor to conform to this code of application and implementing permits for corridor access. If you require further details about a States Code of Practice, we encourage you to give them a call.

To assist contractors in complying with the requirement of Permitting within the road corridor, PelicanCorp has introduced CorridorAccess That allows contractors to apply for their CAR (also may be known as a Road Opening Notice, or RON) at the same time as organising their asset locates and plans, if the intended excavation site is within the road corridor.

Excavation Requests

You must ensure no activity commences until you have received, in writing, permission to proceed from the relevant Road Controlling Authority.

Always perform an onsite inspection for the presence of any cables and pipes both above and below ground before commencing your activity. If in doubt or circumstances require you to carry out any excavation you must contact your One Call provider before proceeding with your inquiry on this site. Please Contact us here if you have any general inquiries or need to speak to a help desk operator.

If you do any of this... / ...and if you are sure you want to dig