CorridorAccess offers an end-to-end cloud solution for both contractors and road owners to collaborate and communicate on permits. It allows a member local authority or road owner that wants to protect its road assets from damage and / or interruption. Asset owners become members of the Dial Before You Dig service by registering the location of their underground assets and will then receive notifications of any intended works lodged as an enquiry with the Dial Before You Dig service. By doing this, asset owners will be notified immediately when contractors or others who use Dial Before You Dig are planning to excavate in or around their assets.

Contractors use CorridorAccess because it is easy to submit a single enquiry and quickly make contact with the relevant road owner.



CorridorAccess provides significant benefits to Road authorities and Councils as well as contractors themselves.

Request Permits through Dial Before You Dig

Contractors using the Dial Before You Dig service for Utility plan requests now automatically have permit requests delivered to participating Councils and Road Authorities. Contractors view updates on the progress of their Permit applications and messages from Councils via the CorridorAccess service within 1100.com.au.

Online road authority access to Permit requests

Councils and Road Authorities have access to an online solution, CorridorAccess, which shows all permit requests on a map and provides workflow tools to guide users through the permit approval process. CorridorAccess communicates directly with the Dial Before You Dig service and maintains a record of all communications.

Structured workflow for processing requests

Permit approvals have a structured workflow including prerequisites which need to be satisfied. CorridorAccess provides the ability for each Council to supply the Contractor with the appropriate documentation, requirements and templates.

Customisation of required Permit Workflows

CorridorAccess allows organisations to configure the system to suit local permit requirements and workflows. Required documents are specified for each permit type and published instantly to the 11OO.com.au service for each new request.

Traffic Management Plan (TMP) review and approval

CorridorAccess maintains a record of the Traffic Management requirements and can request that a TMP be provided by the contractor. CorridorAccess integrates Google Street view to allow for a desktop site inspection to confirm the validity of the TMP.

Job Messaging

Road authorities and Contractors can communicate using the Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) website and CorridorAccess to provide additional context or to seek clarification.


CorridorAccess allows organisations to decide how best to manage the permit fee payments - either through notification to their Finance department, PayPal invoicing or over the counter' payments. It provides configurable options including set fees, to calculate the price automatically or manually add a price.

Benefits of membership


CorridorAccess provides significant benefits to Road authorities and Councils as well as contractors themselves.

Municipality and Road Authority Benefits

  • Significant increase in the visibility of works in and around road assets
  • Ability to increase revenues through higher volumes of Permit requests
  • Permit approval processing times are significantly improved
  • Low resource requirement for processing and approving Permits
  • Complete history and audit view of all works recorded
  • Traceability of road works for warranty and restoration

Contractor's Benefits

  • Reductions in time to lodge a request for road access
  • Consistent processes between councils
  • Permit approvals are significantly faster
  • One tool for requesting plans and locate services

Public Benefits

  • Reduced impact on road works
  • Improved services
  • Reduces the costs involved in maintaining public roads


Contact us if you are interested ensuring greater control and efficancies in protecting your road assets.
At the same time ensuring that both contractors and road owners are able to collaborate and communicate during the permiting process.